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Strategies Ensuring A High Quality Of Healthcare In France

Strategies in place to ensure not only a high quality healthcare but also a wide reach are plenty in France and new are being unfolded all the time. Read on to find out more about them and what the role of the welfare State of France is in the provision of healthcare.

Third-Party Payment System

The third-party payment system. removes the usage of money paid up front for practitioner consultation. This strategy is in place to grant the access of those who can´t afford to pay the fee and wait for the reimbursement. Middle classes were having medical problems that ended up being urgent for not treating them on time.

Statutory Health Insurance (SHI)

More than a strategy this is the approach and the level on involvement that the French Government has over the healthcare application in France. This initiative is aimed to assuring that every legal resident in France (actively working or not) has access to health coverage.

Electronic Records (DMP)

The creation of unique electronic records for every patient is a strategy to make sure that all data related to treatments during the lifetime of a patient. This results in integral health coverage and helps to prevent epidemics at a national level. Duplications, exams, different diagnosis and extra costs associated with multiple consultations can be spared with the creation of this digital library of medical records.


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