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About Us

At Formatic Santé we are in a quest to bringing the latest news about the medical care in France to the rest of the world. We are convinced that healthcare system in French territory is an example to most countries in the world and want to bring the insides of how it is crafted and lived by French people. Also, we know of its disadvantages and everything that needs to be done in order to turn it into a more inclusive, further-reaching and complete apparatus that will satisfy all needs equally.

The world today faces an incredible gap between those who have economic power and those who are relegated and feel the social pressure of not belonging to the higher classes. We believe that while the difference exists, the spirit of the healthcare system in France is to close it as much as possible. Initiatives like the SHI (Statutory Health Insurance) are a clear effort to blur the lines that divide society into different stratus and make health a privilege for those who can afford it.

There are nuances, positive actions and a long way to go to have a 100% inclusive program that won´t make any difference between French people of different income.

There is a strategy named Third-party payment in which all fees paid to practitioners are removed and there is no money involved in going to the doctor´s office to check on any kind of ailment or for regular routine checks that can save your life.

This initiative is a clear step forward and adds up to all the initiatives that the French Government is putting into place to help those who are most vulnerable against diseases and ailments.

Also, the creation of unique electronic records for each legal French resident is a great way to keep an eye on common issues and be prepared to help the entire population of the country with nation-wide policies and prevention programs that prevent the spread of any kind of preventable diseases. Recently, President Emmanuel Macron has said in a public conference to the media that a plan to modernize and reorganize French health is being discussed and soon will be deployed. It will be the kick starter of a further reaching health system that covers what is now known as “health deserts” all along the country. As any European nation, France has a strong people concentration in the biggest cities. This makes the health professionals and resources concentrate on those places too leaving the further regions of the territory uncovered for the main part. Macron´s new plan is to end it with 400 family doctors spread through French territory.

We, at Formatic Santé believe that healthcare is the cornerstone of a society. Without a positive healthcare plan that is directed to all population regardless of income, race or profession, there is no way of closing the gap and achieving the sought-after social stability, reducing violence and creating a better world for the inhabitants of tomorrow.