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The same way in which we think that a country is a large community and that the French example of how to deal with a delicate issue at a nation level should be repeated in other countries, we want to create a community. We want our readers to interact between each other and to feel comfortable knowing that we are all in the same page.

Communities are formed through interaction and common beliefs. If you agree that healthcare is the cornerstone for a better society, then we are in the same path. You might notice that we criticize the French healthcare system and it is true, we do. But we do it for a reason: we want it to be even better than it is now. That is the desire of all of us who make this site.

If you feel that there is something valuable that you can contribute to our posts or want to share a personal or a friend´s experience, we would love to read it. In fact, receiving feedback from readers will nourish our knowledge and you can help others who don´t know what you know.

Please contact us with all concerns and help us build a community around healthcare and make it a cornerstone to make this world a better place.