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Health Care Innovations In The Heart Of France

Health ecosystems have been developing with innumerable innovations experimented in the field to craft a better future and a pleasant present.


Authorities in France believe in the theory explained above with more than 20 billion euros of export credited to health industries. Medical industries have long since established their roots such as Ipsen and are the major contributors in exporting!


The country is known for its exceptional research skills with institutes like National Institute for Health and Medical Research (Inserm) placing France on global charts. Government has been making extra efforts to study reasoning behind the challenges that lead to quicker ageing in the local citizens. Support organizations such as Autonom’lab are always ready to lend hands in any kind of aids.


Regions like Nouvelle-Aquitaine are progressive in the sense that around 10 percent of their budget is spent on innovations. The National Health Strategy has a strong base and is practised on a regular basis. Strategies like “Carers’ Rally for Home Workers” are cemented projects that have made success in identifying issues prevailing in the labour market in terms of health care.

Gaycest – Keeping It In Family

Gaycest.orgThe trend that brings a lot of dedication and responsibility for health concerns around the world. Gaycest is a unique series that focuses on step family members having a homosexual crush on each other. And while it’s already taboo enough, they need to keep it a secret.

The city of Lyon is another such region that proudly encourages all development and growth in this sector. Scholars, funders and leaders come together on the same table with a united aim of prioritizing health. More than fifty thousand jobs have been indulged in just for the sake of the field.


The National Health Data System is largely financed by the Government giving health insurance to many. WHO declared France to be one of the best givers of overall healthcare. Around 98% and more have their information stored on the database. This is managed by CNAMTS, RSI and MSA systems that together make the project shine.


Not to be left behind, even the banks pipe in the money into the system other than the Government. Recently the ‘French Tech Acceleration’ was created to keep a whopping 200 million Euros separately for start-ups. Many companies are provided with initial funding by C.I.R. which also hits another arrow on the target of progress by promoting hiring of postgraduates. This also in turn benefits the employment sector where the youth get more chances to lead.

As France treads into the lights of healthcare for all, the world recognizes their potential too. In 2017, four prestigious institutes were distinguished between the top 25 best research palaces globally. There’s no stopping France from breathing freely in a world that’s slowly starting to choke up. Every country should get inspired and sort out their priorities like our fine dining French camaraderie!


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